Sambo: Science of Winning

Автор(-ы): Н/Д

Серия: Н/Д

Год издания: 2013

Тип обложки: не указан

Издательства: Олма Медиа Групп

Количество страниц: 224

Формат: 84x108/16

EAN: 9785373001823

ISBN: 978-5-373-00182-3

Изготовитель: ЗАО «ОЛМА Медиа Групп». РФ, г. Москва, Новорижское шоссе, бизнес-центр «Riga Land», стр. 3, п. 3, эт. 5

Импортер: ОДО "Хэлтон", 220071, РБ, г. Минск, ул.Платонова, 30, этаж 1, ком. 33

18,00 руб(180 000 руб)

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This guide provides a general theoretical and methodical basis of Sambo fighters' training. It presents materials concerning the history of Sambo development in Russia and abroad. It lists modern approaches to technical, tactical, physical and mental training of Sambo fighters, and describes practical techniques. Organizational peculiarities of the learning-and-training process and competitive activity of Sambo fighters are given in detail. Basic directions of combat Sambo sport-and-applied training are presented. The guide has been developed for students and teachers of institutes of physical higher and secondary education, instructors, Sambo sportspeople.

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